Product Care

Product Care Information
Each Custom Bow is unique and requires special care in order to extend the life of the product!

Please Follow These Steps:

1. Do NOT Get Your Custom or Stock Bow WET!
Bows are NOT Waterproof!
Special Adhesive is used to keep materials to adhere and bond to each other,
Our Special Product allows the bow to freely move and flow instead of being stiff or hard to mold into the look your wanting.
If the adhesive gets wet the bonding agent will release causing the materials to come apart or fall off.

2. Put Hair UP with a Separate Pony Holder FIRST!
- We do NOT Guarantee the Barrettes or Pony Tail Holders -
It is Recommended that you put your hair into a separate pony tail holder FIRST!
This makes it Easier to place your hair product into your hair and guaranteeing no damage to the product.   

Putting Hair Up with Separate Holder Will Ensure That Your Custom Bow Will Last By Expanding The Life of Your Hair Attachment.