Cancellation Policy

Cancellation and Changes Policy

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 Orders that are placed with us that need to be canceled or changed due to any reason needs to be canceled or changed within 48 hours of the original date of the order.

All Cancellations or Changes MUST be "IN WRITTING" via Email ( or Fax (877-585-3783) Attn: Processing.

Cancellations by Phone Must Accompany an Email or Fax with the information about the order and the reason for cancelling!
Please reference the order or invoice number when canceling or changing an order.
Orders cancelled or changed after the 48 hour period will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Fortitude Elite  has the right to refuse any order by a complicated customer or a customer who is being unreasonable about their order. We will work with all customers on getting the best and correct order to them, but in return, please note that sometimes we make mistakes and we will do everything we can to fix those mistakes when they occur.

Thank you,